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R e c o r d i n g s

Charavgi - Calliope Tsoupaki (1994)

Lydia performing live in Milton Court, London, summer 2014.

Suite for Pipes , i intrada - Ralph Vaughan Williams

Palisander performs in Milton Court Concert Hall - June 2015

Palisander performs live at Brighton Early Music Festival 2015

Palisander performs the Nightwatch and the Image of Melancholy - Anthony Holborne (2.10 mins) and The Nightmare Concerto - Antonio Vivaldi, arranged by Miriam Nerval (8.15 mins)

Lutenist - Toby Carr

Galliards - Anthony Holborne and William Brade

Woodwork performs a selection of Galliards in Christ Church Spitalfields, London​​

Come Again - John Dowland, with divisions by Jacob van Eyck

Lydia performing John Dowland's song Come Again ( 1597), combined with Jacob van Eyck's divisions (1644).


Michael Solomon Williams - voice

Toby Carr - Lute


Recorded by Darren T. Jennings at the Film House, London

Automata - Toby Young (2014)

Woodwork performs a piece comissioned for them, in London's Milton Court, January 2015.

Concerto II for Four Recorders, Allegro and Adagio - Johann Christian Schickhardt

Palisander performs alongside lutenist Toby Carr and cellist Camilla Morse-Glover, in Milton Court Concert Hall - June 2015

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